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"I have had the pleasure of working with Harvey for approximately 7 years. During that time, Harvey has been instrumental in sharpening my firearms skill set in a professional capacity. Harvey’s personable approach to teaching, extensive training and experience, and dynamic firearms curriculum has not only solidified my fundamentals but has given me the opportunity to expand my tactics.


As a student, I have found Harvey’s manner of clear, encouraging, and watchful instruction effective in forwarding my firearms goals and helpful in managing specific shooter challenges. Harvey is able to successfully assess a shooter’s abilities and work appropriately to improve upon them. It is also apparent that Harvey has been a purposeful and passionate student of firearms training and tactics in his own right. Harvey maintains his own skill set on par with experts in this field and ensures that he remains abreast of the most contemporary field work, advances, and studies. Harvey has utilized his aptitude for this knowledge and practical application to develop innovative and enjoyable strategies for a broad spectrum of professionals.


Harvey is highly motivated by the goals expressed by his students, and works diligently and analytically to best serve their needs. There has been no greater comfort than knowing that the firearms and tactical training I have received by Harvey can be relied upon to ensure my safety when needed."

-Josh L.

Sheriff's Deputy

"I have had the opportunity to work with Harvey Ballman both professionally and personally. Both skilled in his craft and an excellent teacher; any course he offers is not only with the time but a necessary experience to become your own first responder!"

-David Belmont

Owner of Tech on Target 

USMC Veteran

"Excellent training in real life scenarios. Lots of opportunity to practice what is being taught. I will definitely be taking more classes."

-Kerrie A.

CFC Women's Self Defense Series

"This course is designed to make you feel empowered. The scenarios are real life situations, and your reaction is in real time. I learned lots and I loved it!"

-Verna C.

CFC Women's Self Defense Series

"Harvey is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. I learned a lot without being overwhelmed. He did a good job of making the students feel prepared and comfortable in uncomfortable but realistic scenarios. I look forward to more classes."

-Alex L.

CFC Women's Self Defense Series / CFC Couples Nights 

"Could not be more impressed with everything I've learned from these guys! I would recommend taking any of their classes to anyone looking to improve themselves. You will not regret it!"

-Erin B. 

CFC Women's Self Defense Series 

"Phenomenal teachers, volunteers and facility. I highly recommend training here." 

-Rebekah B. 

CFC Women's Self Defense Series 

"Excellent instructors and training for real life situations. Well worth the time and money!"

-Chrisdee T. I. 

CFC Women's Self Defense Series 

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