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In today's world, Responsibly Armed Citizens, Law Enforcement and Military personnel must understand that when confronted by a potential threat, the response they select must be appropriate to the perceived threat. A Continuum of Force is a concept that there is a wide range of possible force options that may be used to gain and maintain control during a dangerous situation.

Continuum of Force Concepts provides real world training for the Responsibly Armed Citizen as well as Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. All of our classes are instructed by some of the industries best and most experienced Military and Law Enforcement instructors. Our classes are taught by fully vetted and certified instructors who have extensive experience in their respective fields. We focus on practical, real world training that is safe and effective. Take a moment to read about our instructors below.

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Don't have time for a full day of training? Nervous about training with a group of people you don't know? Or maybe you would just prefer one on one instruction. Contact us about individual and small group training. We can tailor a class to meet your schedule and needs.

            GROUP TRAINING


At CFC, we intentionally keep our class sizes low enough that you can count on individual attention from your instructor throughout each course but large enough that you learn from the groups collective knowledge and experience. Each participant has full access to our expert instructor staff. Our instructors are here to help you and our primary mission is to give you the skills necessary to make it home to your loved ones at the end of the night.



Looking for a fun activity for your next corporate event? How about improving your employees safety and security both on the job and at home? Concerned about Active Shooter response in your workplace? Maybe you are looking for affordable and effective first aid training. Contact us about Corporate Training, we have the skills and knowledge to help you succeed.


Harvey Ballman founded Continuum of Force Concepts LLC in 2017

after several years of development. Harvey is a family man, and Inland

Northwest native who grew up in the rural area north of Spokane. He has

always been an avid outdoorsman and shooter.


Immediately after graduation from High School, Harvey enlisted active duty

in the United States Marine Corps. Harvey served all over the United States

and the world, including places like Iraq, Japan, Okinawa, Korea and

Australia, to name a few. Harvey completed the Marine Corps Martial Arts

Program, Martial Arts Instructor Course in 2008 and went on to instruct

hundreds of Marines and Sailors in various levels of MCMAP. Harvey

attained the rank of First Degree Black Belt Instructor in the Marine Corps

Martial Arts Program. After 9 years of service, Harvey left the Marine

Corps as a Staff Sergeant (E6) with the primary MOS of 0861 Fire Support

Man (Artillery/Naval Gunfire Forward Observer) with Battery P,

5th Battalion, 14th Marines.


In 2011 Harvey became a full time Police Officer with a large agency in the

Inland Northwest. Since that time, Harvey became a member of his

agencies regional SWAT team and has served in many capacities including

entry team member, SWAT Training Mentor and Assistant Team Leader.

Harvey also served on his agency’s Criminal Interdiction Unit which is

designed to proactively patrol high crime areas of his jurisdiction and target

high level criminal activity. Harvey is also a member of his agencies

Firearms Training Unit which is responsible for the qualification and training

of all sworn officers in his agency, as well as multiple smaller agencies in

the area.


Harvey holds General Topics and High Liability Instructor Certifications in Firearms, Patrol Procedures, TEMS / First Aid, and multiple Active Shooter Response Courses for both Law Enforcement and Citizens through Idaho POST. Harvey also instructs building searches and room clearing tactics to members of his agencies patrol division. Harvey is also a certified Glock Armorer; M16, M4 and AR15 Armorer, Remington Factory Armorer and a part time instructor for Idaho POST at the North Idaho College Patrol Academy. Harvey is also the Training Director at the Defensive Action Center in Spokane WA, a full service indoor UTM Shoot House and training facility.  


Shortly after Harvey began teaching Firearms and Active Shooter Response to the community, he realized there was a serious need for high quality, realistic tactical training that was not generally available to the public. Continuum of Force Concepts was established to address that need and our goal is to provide realistic, quality training to the Responsibly Armed Citizen, Law Enforcement and Military Personnel from legitimate Military and Law Enforcement instructors with verifiable experience.  


Paul Mead served as a Sergeant (E5) in the United States Army as a Flight Engineer on CH-47 Chinook Helicopters for over six years.  Paul logged 1,028.3 hours of flight time to include 229.7 hours under night vision goggles.  Paul attended annual flight evaluations, annual crew coordination training, annual aerial gunnery qualifications, and Dunker HEEDS training.  Paul was also Airborne qualified, Air Assault qualified, and SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) qualified.


When Paul transitioned out of the Army, he began his career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.  Paul started as a court-room bailiff and became a patrol deputy shortly after. Paul earned a position as a fulltime member on the agencies Special Response Team (SWAT).  He served as an entry team member holding positions as a team breacher and point man. While serving on the CCSO SWAT team, he attended numerous training courses including, Basic SWAT, Explosive Breaching, HAZMAT Close Quarters Combat, Bus Interdiction School, Physical Surveillance training, Counter-Surveillance training, and numerous courses in narcotics.  Paul’s team served an average of two to three high-risk search warrants a week in addition to high-risk emergency operations. 

When Operations “Enduring Freedom” and “Iraqi Freedom” began, Paul assessed for, and was selected by Triple Canopy Defense as a Protective Security Detail member under the US State Department’s Diplomatic High Threat Program.  Paul served in two US Embassy’s, on a Provincial Reconstruction Team, and finally in the main US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.  During his five years in Iraq, Paul was assigned to multiple team member positions, and worked his way up to Shift Leader of a Protective Security Detail (PSD). Paul ultimately became the Detail Leader responsible for supervising three PSD’s.  Paul planned and executed

numerous high-risk missions in Iraq.  Paul was also selected as a ShiftLeader for the US Ambassador’s Protective Security Detail in Baghdad. 

After serving five years in Iraq, Paul was selected as an instructor for Triple Canopy’s training division in Zachary, Louisiana.  He completed the US State Department’s Instructor Development Course and Firearms Instructor Course.  Paul instructed the following disciplines: Firearms (Glock 19, M4 carbine, M-249 SAW, M-240 Machine, and Remington 870), Dignitary Protection, Site Surveys, Advance Operations, Mission Planning, Motorcade Operations, Land Navigation, IED Pre-Attack Indicators, and Helicopter Operations. Paul was selected as the Assistant Lead Instructor, supervising seventy instructors and support staff. 

Paul moved to the Inland Northwest with his family and re-started his Law Enforcement Career as a Marine Deputy with the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office in 2012. Paul was then selected as a Patrol Deputy who served as a SWAT Team Member, Active Shooter Response Instructor and on the agencies Firearms Training Unit as a firearms instructor. Paul attended numerous training courses and qualified as an armorer on multiple weapon systems while serving with KCSO.  

Paul transitioned to his current agency and serves as a Patrol Officer and Firearms Instructor for a large Police Department in Washington State.


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